'Top Gun' Experience for Hunter Employees

Two team members have been left feeling exhilarated after enjoying a real life ‘Top Gun’ experience.

Business Support Manager Angelika Postrozny and CDM Site Manager Luke Dando were given the opportunity to each fly a ‘Top Gun’ Sortie with a fighter pilot at the Ultimate High Academy in Goodwood, after showing exceptional contribution at Hunter’s 2016 summer retreat.

The team-building retreat was held in Dalby Forest where employees participated in various activities including strategy development, games, cooking and even a trip to GoApe.

Managing Director Katie Hunter explained why Angelika and Luke were chosen for the prize and how the company acquired the experience: “To choose the prize winners we considered contribution to strategy work, how well individuals worked during the games and the support they demonstrated at GoApe. Luke and Angelika were chosen as the two team members we were most impressed with throughout these tasks.

“I won the experience at an event held by one of our international clients where I was invited to put in a secret bid for the top gun experience, in support of the Forget Me Not Children's Hospice. I was delighted that we won and were able to provide two of our employees with this exciting opportunity, whilst supporting a fantastic charity.”

Angelika and Luke were briefed by the pilots at the academy before being given the opportunity to fly the planes themselves. The pair chased each other through the air, communicating on radios for the full experience. Angelika was announced the winner of the overall activity after gaining the most shoots.

Angelika said: “Getting to control the plane myself was the best part. It was such an amazing experience – if I ever leave Hunter, I’m going to become a pilot!”