Hunter Strategy Weekend

In May 2019, a small group of Hunter employees took part in a three-day strategy event, which was off-site to get away from the distractions of the office. 

Day one’s theme was personality profiling, and was designed to teach the team about our own personal strengths, both in and out of work, then apply these strengths in work to improve performance both individually, and when working together. 

It’s fair to say this was an emotional, eye opening and most of all, powerful event that did exactly as was intended. The team came away feeling stronger and knowing more about ourselves and each other, to ultimately work better as a team. 

We then travelled up to Aysgarth where we’d spend the next two days, so we could put the learnings from the previous days into practise, and come up with a 3-year strategy for each department. With the Safety Solutions and Project Solutions team working together, and the Consultancy and Training teams all working to discuss how they wanted the departments to progress over the next 3 years, it ended up being a really useful and effective few days, and we can’t wait to see how each division thrives and developments as we continue to grow. 

The event was also a great opportunity to congratulate and thank some of Hunter's longest serving employees, with a presentation and a short speech to show our appreciation and introduce our employee reward scheme - for more info on that, watch this space!