Team of the Year- 2020 SHE Awards Winner




Providing health and safety management at innocent’s brand-new carbon-neutral factory in the Netherlands, called The Blender.

Located on the Port of Rotterdam, this factory is the first of its kind in the world. It will be the top of the class in sustainability and will allow innocent to produce over 400 million bottles of chilled juice per year, as well as creating around 190 jobs.

The team from Hunter Safety Netherlands have been fundamental in supporting the safe design of the factory from project inception in 2019, as well as working closely with innocent to produce the health and safety systems required to run it safely, ready for the expected opening in mid-2021. 

The team are also responsible for managing the construction safety of the build and process installation, the management of all contractors and subsequent due diligence, as well as implementing a health and safety culture throughout the business, which sits in-line with innocent’s values.

We have also delivered a series of breakfast training sessions, which encourage employees to ‘Wake up to Safety’.

Despite the difficult climate in recent months, the Hunter team were still able to provide a seamless service with the highest levels of safety achieved. In addition, the team took on the management of innocent’s COVID-19 policy ensuring firstly, that the workforce was kept safe, and secondly, able to function throughout the pandemic.


The blender also includes an automated warehouse and state of the art welfare facilities, maximising the opportunity to reduce carbon miles and put production as close as possible to where ingredients arrive, therefore taking miles off the road and reducing the carbon footprint. innocent will be making approximately 60% of their bottles at this factory.

This project is being carried out with Top Sector Energy subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.