International Women's Day

At Hunter Safety Group, it’s our people that make us great.  Our team is made up of passionate, professional health and safety experts and as today is International Women’s Day, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the brilliant women that add to our already strong and robust workforce. We pride ourselves on hiring formidable, headstrong women who are breaking down barriers in the construction industry, which is heavily under-represented by females.

A report by Statista revealed that out of the number of people employed in the construction industry, only 13% were women in 2020, and this has only grown by 0.5% since 2017 *1

A Briefing Paper published in 2021 by the House of Commons entitled Women and The Economy also named the construction industry as one of the sectors “where only a small proportion of jobs are held by women” *and an industry where “only 6% of SMEs are female led” *3

At Hunter Safety Group, we’re proud to be led by 3 female directors, and in contrast to the industry norm, 48% of our workforce are women. Out of these, 42% are out in the field the majority of the time, if not full time. We’d love to see even more women enter the construction industry, pushing boundaries and breaking stereotypes, so statistics like those in the reports above become a thing of the past.


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