International Women's Day at Hunter Safety

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on the 8th March. This is an important area for the Hunter team as we strongly support women in business, particularly in construction where women in the industry are less common. We think it is important to celebrate women all year long and International Women’s Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate women across the world.

When it comes to celebrating women, it is especially important to do so in traditionally male dominated industries such as construction and manufacturing, where women contribute a small percentage of the workforce. We want to bring attention to the fact that for every 100 employees, there is only one woman on the front line of a job site in construction. It is important to prove that women are pushing the boundaries and achieving great success in this industry, Managing Director Katie Hunter is a fantastic example of this.

Katie has true passion for Health and Safety and as a result has built a strong network of trusted professionals, who deliver high standards of safety every day. Reaching its 8th year, the business is certainly not slowing down and Katie continues to win new projects each month. It is a passion of hers to show other women that they too can be a part of this industry and set an example for many years to come. Interestingly, only 13% of construction firms are owned by women, making it even more important to break this barrier and encourage more young women to become a part of the construction business.

Another fantastic example of women in business is our Operations Director Kirsty, having worked in the industry for 13 years, her passion and dedication is clear. Consistently delivering high class Health and Safety solutions to her clients, Kirsty is yet another wonderful example of successful women in the industry. Hunter Safety champion women in the Health and Safety industry as we believe it should be celebrated and shouted about.

The Hunter Safety team is a great mix of men and women, and we all support equality within the workforce, working hard every day to ensure our client needs are met. Katie strives to make the workplace somewhere to develop and grow, bringing new opportunities to all employees - regardless of gender.

We want to get as many people involved as possible with supporting women in construction, make sure you have liked and shared our recent posts on LinkedIn and Twitter. Together, we can truly make a difference.


Source: https://www.bigrentz.com/blog/women-construction