Mobile Scaffold Training: innocent

Hunter Safety Netherlands recently organised scaffolding training for those working on the innocent site, named the blender, in Rotterdam. The blender is a factory that has thought about sustainability at every step of the design process and is leading the way in the future of drinks manufacturing that is better for people, the planet and business.

With the construction works nearing completion, Chris Wilmott, our Health and Safety Manager at the blender, recognised a trend in the number of mobile scaffolds required on site, and decided to carry out a safety stand down, which included awareness training on the safe use of mobile towers. As part of the stand down, information was presented across the site of the “dos and don’ts” of erecting and dismantling mobile scaffolds.

Independent training provider (Collie) attended site, showed an example of the correct and incorrect ways to erect a mobile scaffold. The groups were divided into two, including both contractors on site and several of the innocent maintenance team.

The overall results of this training have provided those working on the site with a better understanding of mobile scaffolds, and will ultimately lead to a safer site for everyone.

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