Safety Stand Down: Hunter Safety and Marks & Spencer

Hunter Safety Solutions have been appointed as Principal Contractor for Marks and Spencer in Castle Donington to replace a series of parcel handling conveyors within the distribution centre. As the 14-week project intensifies, the safety team – headed up by Hunter Safety Solutions Health and Safety Manager Rob Ellis – delivered a short Safety Stand-down to the project team, allowing everyone to reflect on the work so far, understand works to come, and gain motivation through engagement with other contractors and the Client.

Through hosting these events, Marks and Spencer’s engineering and safety teams demonstrate commitment to safety and give everyone a chance to celebrate the project with those they have worked with.

This Stand-down is an opportunity to not only have a coffee with the contractors and the project team, but it is also a time to review the positive work so far; in this instance the teams were celebrating having no lost time accidents during the project, which at present is over 250 person days. A brief review of the work undertaken to date takes place, along with identifying areas for improvement and a brief update on upcoming works.

Hunter Safety Group use Safety Stand-downs as a tried and tested method of engaging contractors with the Client, and a way to receive creative and constructive feedback on various health and safety matters across a site.

We can’t wait to see the finished results with Marks and Spencer.