Sonoco Paper Mill Equipment Upgrade

Hunter Safety Solutions were appointed as Health and Safety Manager, to support Sonoco during a major £5million re-build/development project at their Halifax Paper Mill. The project was to carry out a refit of the paper mill machines with old equipment being removed and new machines installed to increase the efficiency of the mill. The project was split into 3 phases – demolition, phase 1 and phase 2

The project required the closure of the mill for a short period of time, to allow the replacement of some major components along with removal and renewal of associated process tanks. During the initial first week, demolition works were carried out alongside phase 1 works to maximise efficiency, where removal and refurbishment of several moulds, vats, rollers and washers began to take place. Installation involved integration of new and refurbished paper mill equipment including pump systems, process tanks, pipe works, electrics and pressure supplies. A new installation of raised platforms and gangways were also installed.

The final stage of the project consisted of safety guarding, termination and testing of component parts, and commissioning of the new plant.

Sonoco’s Purpose

From the beginning, Sonoco set out to develop packaging to improve the lives of others, including Sonoco employees, customers, and communities.  From protecting life-saving vaccines so they can reach the far corners of the world, to improving the safety and fuel economy of vehicles, to reducing food waste and increasing access to fresh, wholesome foods.  All while making food products safer, fresher, or more convenient, and helping make sure children don’t go hungry and have access to a quality education.

Our HSE Managers, Sharon Webster and Philip Sparks, were responsible for the health and safety aspects of the project during the night works, where they ensured all health and safety measures were in place and effective. The project was completed on time, with no RIDDOR or OSHA reportable incidents and resulted in an increased focus on positive health and safety actions.

Sonoco’s Director of Safety, Steff Williams, commented on the works: “Thank you for your excellent support throughout this important and challenging project. The team have been extremely complimentary of the way you have handled some difficult situations, and without doubt will have prevented some potential injuries.”

We are very proud to have worked on this project and look forward to working with Sonoco in the future.