The 'Egg' Team Building Challenge

Today saw Team Hunter taking part in some action-packed team building activities, also known as 'the egg challenge'. Spilt into two teams (in a socially distanced manner), the contest was on!

First up were the researchers, who frantically ran round the office grabbing suitable items to make safety casings to protect the eggs when dropped out of a first floor window.

Next up came the designers, who had to come up with creative ideas of how to drop them out the windows without smashing, but only using the items given to them by the researchers.

Finally came the builders, who had to construct the casings and do the actual drop.

It was safe to say, there were lots of laughs and some great team work shown. And the win this time went to Team Freya! Much to the upset of Team Sharon, whose third egg smashed into a gooey mess.