Wake up to a new safety culture

Summarising the shift, Dame Judith Hackitt explains that companies can no longer rely on just doing what the rules say, but that they will now have to demonstrate to the regulator that the site is safe and show what precautions are being taken.

Many sectors including the manufacturing and chemical industries have always put a lot of emphasis on the value of a positive safety culture, but sadly, the construction industry is still playing catch up.

On many construction sites, there are a large number of constantly changing contractors, so it’s important that there is a clear understanding of what is expected from all parties from the very beginning. It’s important to develop a positive safety culture on every site and to spend time educating and empowering everyone involved. Instilling a ‘you can do it’ attitude is key.

We couldn’t agree more with this new approach. It is absolutely vital that we get competent people managing construction sites, and that people in these critical roles such as Principal Contractor, Principal Designer or Building Safety Managers are independently accredited.

It’s really pleasing to people using the Hunter strapline of ‘wake up to safety’… we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Did you know, the Hunter team offers a wide range of training and development packages to help support companies in achieving operational excellence? And in an ironic twist, these are actually called ‘Wake up to Safety’. Contact us for more information on how we can help you.

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