WARP Snacks


Hunter Safety Consultancy were appointed as health and safety advisors and have enjoyed supporting WARP Snacks in their commitment to improving safety programme.

To kick of the culture change programme we ran a ‘Safety Reset Week’ campaign at their Snacktory in Nuneaton to capture a moment in time, where everyone could pause and reset how they think about safety onsite.

We wanted to get everyone involved from the very beginning, ensuring all shifts were covered and involved within the Reset week.

We had organised:

  • Health and Safety Quiz
  • Signing the commitment to safety board and pressing the big safety reset button.
  • A day in the Life (senior teams working in the factory covering different roles to fully understand what potential health and safety risks could be).
  • Various competitions to get employees and there families involved. (with prizes up for grabs).
  • Health and Safety Suggestions (with a prize for the best suggestion)
  • Safety Orienteering (Walk round of the site in teams looking for potential hazards or improvements that could be made)
  • Health and Safety Talks and Training
  • Mental Health Awareness and Support

WARPS enthusiastic team got involved in all the activities, whether it was pressing the reset button and signing their commitment towards health and safety, taking part in the “A Day in the Life of” challenge, or safety orienteering around the Snacktory.

As well as having lots of fun, the week really helped Warp to outline their future plans, gain commitment from their teams at all levels, and was so well received they hope to make it an annual event.