World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day 2020, established to bring together a worldwide commitment around mental in the workplace.

Research shows open and honest communication around mental ill-health is vital. These conversations have the power to increase awareness and understanding, remind people they are not alone and help break the stigma. 

This month has seen the ONS publish new stats on mental health in the workplace. Shocking research shows that twice as many adults in Britain are reporting symptoms of depression now compared with this time last year. 

Figures suggest that one in five people appear to have depressive symptoms compared with one in ten before the pandemic started. Participants were asked a set of questions, then asked to consider the previous two weeks and note how often they had experienced a range of symptoms, including changes in sleep or appetite, a loss of interest or pleasure in doing things, and difficulty concentrating. Almost 20% of people met the criteria based on their responses. 

With figures on the rise, it's important we all #starttheconversation within our workplaces. If you're unsure on where to start, then contact us for more details on our mental health first aid course, which is ideal for staff wanting to gain an understanding of common mental illnesses, the ways in which you can support others and influence the wellbeing of your organisation. 

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