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National Apprentice Week 2020

It is National Apprenticeship Week, and Hunter Safety Solutions want to take this opportunity to introduce our new digital marketing apprentice, Lucy Money! We are a proud Apprentice employer and want to speak a little bit more about it as we think it is a great place to start when getting into work.

Lucy has joined the marketing team and is working alongside Kate Armstrong the Marketing Manager, getting involved in a range of different tasks. In the upcoming weeks, Lucy will be doing her first week of online training with Baltic Apprenticeships. Baltic are a unique apprenticeship provider who offer a variety of IT apprenticeships, and they are not like any other provider as their learning is 100% online classroom based. This is very different to the usual way apprenticeships work and it is extremely convenient as the apprentice doesn’t have to go anywhere; they can take classes from the workplace. Hunter Safety recommend apprenticeships because it is a great opportunity for an individual to learn whilst earning, a large percentage of apprentices go onto further work after completing their course.

In an apprenticeship, the individual will get to learn both on the job and off the job, giving work experience and life skills. At Hunter Safety Solutions, it has been really beneficial to have another member of the marketing team, and it is working very well for us. We want to get more people talking about apprenticeships and the positive impact they can have on both the apprentice and employer.

Lucy says about her apprenticeship so far,

“So far, I have enjoyed every day in my apprenticeship, I feel like I am constantly learning and putting new skills into practise. I look forward to the future and completing my course, to then hopefully start a career in Digital Marketing with Hunter Safety.

I love the fact that Baltic are online classroom based and I don't have to worry about travelling back and forth for things, it's easy and convenient. I would recommend apprenticeships to anyone because you get to learn and work at the same time, giving you valuable experience for your future. University didn't appeal to me because I was still very unsure on what I wanted to do in my life, so apprenticeships seemed like the perfect option for me. I didn't want to spend years studying something I didn't even know if I would enjoy in the workplace.

I am happy to be working for Hunter Safety Solutions, as it is a positive environment full of great people. "

We think an apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity for an individual to gain essential knowledge and skills that they can use in their future career.

If you’re interested in joining the team here at Hunter, give us a call on 01977 878389.

National Apprentice Week 2020
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